Saturday, January 12, 2008

... so how did that korma come out?!

I promised to report back on the korma I made for New Year's Eve. It came out wonderfully! Admittedly, it was very different from the cream/cardamom-based restaurant style of korma, but it was still creamy good and delightfully rich and complex in its taste. In the same bite, you could taste the pungent lamb, the pistachio and the yogurt. It was rather time-intensive, but it was worth it to have my dear husband insist I teach the cooks at the restaurant how to make it!

For New Year's Day I made a much simpler dish, a recipe from Madhur Jaffrey's "Invitation to Indian Cooking" involving black-eyed peas called lobhia. I used to make it often back when I was a vegan who wanted to make delicious food without a huge grocery bill. Some tomato, some black-eyed peas, some onion and some spices ... and the net result is YUM! I used to eat it with dry toasted whole-wheat bread instead of an Indian style of bread; this year, though, I made a dozen chappatis and we "dined in style" for the first night of 2008.

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